For Designers

Are you a Designer?

If you're a Webdesigner and you build websites for your clients - why not build all websites using IzzyWebsite? Your clients will love it!

IzzyWebsite - CMS for Designers

A Modern Website Builder (CMS) for your website building business.

Why IzzyWebsite?

  • it's free!
  • it's easy to use!
  • it's brandable!


You install IzzyWebsite directly to your client's webhosting account, so all files are on client's server.

Premium Features

Each new IzzyWebsite comes free, with some basic features like Gallery, Blog or Contact Form. There's built-in Market, where you can buy additional modules your clients need - or upgrade website to "PRO", so all optional modules and themes are available for no additional cost!

Free or Paid

Each IzzyWebsite is by default Free! If you're a designer, you can buy more PRO licenses at a time to get much better per-website pricing!

Compare Free & Premium
Number of Websites Per-Website Cost Total Amount
1 website $99 $99
5 websites ~$60 $299
10 websites ~$40 $399
50 websites ~$16 $799
100 websites ~$10 $999
Contact us if you're interested in bundle-order!